Blockchain disrupts industries that rely on trust.

Are you programming trust in yours ? is a stack-agnostic decentralized agency focused on infrastructure development, education and consulting in high-stakes environments.

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We focus on omni-win outcomes.

We are an interdisciplinary collective of professionals with over a decade of experience in all sectors that touch on Blockchain implementations.

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Tim Bansemer Founder & CEO



Blockchain Trainee

image Mission Statement is a “Professional Network” (we like to say “Collective of Blockchain Professionals” or CoBP) comprising experienced Professionals from the Ethereum Core Community, Automotive and Robotics Industry, Interaction Design , Computer Science, Hard Sciences and Gamification who aim to lend their expertise to build software that ensures fairness in the decentralized future that is also called the “Web 3.0”.

Blockchain is a fundamentally new paradigm of social organisation. The Blockchain as a programmable “Trust Layer” enables the implementation of complex social functions in a scalable manner - allowing the most highly evolved aspect of humans to exist in the web 3.0 - our social brain and resulting social structures.

Our developers and consultants are focused on unfolding the potential of Blockchain Technologies for our customers and the projects we believe and participate in. Our goal is to increase transparency and effectiveness by increasing automation levels based on Blockchain systems benefiting both Business and Society.